Hira-shirasaya Kogatana

kogatana sheath hilt kogatana length autograph

Hira-shirasaya Kogatana

shape Koduka Kogatana
maker Fujiyasu MASAHIRA / kogatana / hilt / sheath
age Modern
size blade:117mm / 3sun 8bu 6rin
with grip:216mm / 7sun 1bu 3rin
accessories Flat shirasaya / Wooden hilt
price sold out

A person more gifted in creating things than FUJIYASU Masahira is not known. Fujiyasu as a sword smith has a place of workshop in Tatsukoyama, Fukushima Prefecture. This Hira shirasaya Kogatana is produced by the sword smith Fujiyasu all by himself, including Kogatana, Hira shirasaya and Karaki Tsuka.
 ・Hira shirasaya Kogatana : flat sheath knife
 ・Karaki : wood from China ・Tsuka : butt

The sword smith inscribes his signature on Kogatana with a graver in the cursive style at a stroke even without writing a draft. As a calligrapher comments, “it is impossible to write like this even with brushes.”

An edge of an alcove post is used for the tsuka and the yellowish color is certainly natural. The more it is polished, the more the surface stands out. The flat surface smoothly describes an arc and the Nakago is never shaky.
 ・Nakago : tang

The saya is worked with Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia with the smith’s autograph on the back of the box. Creating things is the ultimate joy for the sword smith Masahira and his every aspect is summarized in his sword. It is not very difficult to imagine his sword from this Kogatana.
FUJIYASU Masahira, the sword smith, is a genius without question.

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