The Japanese Sword Museum
The 67th Newly Designated Important Swords and Fittings Exhibition

The examination project of the Japan Art Sword Preservation Association has been conducted since 1945 for the purpose of investigating and preserving Japanese swords, and now the first principle is the basic preservation examination whose main purpose is authenticity verification. As an examination that emphasizes the rating as an arts and crafts, we have set up stages such as special preservation, important swords, and specially important swords. Of these, the examination of important swords, etc. is designated as an excellent work as a highly complete work of art that has not only the authenticity of the work but also the materiality and soundness. We have reached.
Please appreciate the high dignity of Japanese swords and the beauty of the sincere Kurogane, and the beauty of crafts that appear in sword fittings and sword fittings to your heart's content.

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