TSUNEIE / The Imperial Japanese Naval Dirk

period End of the Muromachi era / around 1470th
shape tanto : Hira-zukuri, iorimune, narrow
length 22.2cm / 7sun 3bu 3rin
curvature Inward (uchizori)
basis width 1.85cm / 6bu 1rin
basis thickness 0.75cm / 2bu 5rin
mekugi hole 1
authorization Tokubetsu Hozon Token
price sold out

ji Small wood grain (Ko-itame), Straight line Utsuri from Hamachi, Jinie, scratch in the back
ha Straight hamon (suguha) on the deep nie and small zigzag (ko-gunome), tight suguha from the half to the top
boshi Straight, komaru
mounting Shirasaya / The Imperial Japanese Naval Dirk / Wooden chest / Wooden core
special mention Bizen, very fine tanto, This tanto is called Futokoro-katana. It is used for self-protection. The IJN dirk is very rare, and this style -Meiji period style- and it hardly exist.
There are 2 character in habaki MASA / MICHI. Probably these 2 character are the officer for whom the dirk was made.
This is a distinctive example, apparently specially commissioned for a new officer. It appears to have been kept well since the days when it was first carried.
        Military Swords of Imperial Japan

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