A Box of Cloisonne


A box of Cloisonne, Giraffe and fine-patterns

type A box of Cloisonne
Giraffe and fine patterns in technique of enamels
period Taisho, Early 20th century
size 11cm long × 15.5cm wide × 6cm high (outside)
box ANDO-seal Wooden box
price 380,000.- JPY    Currency Converter

Kirin ni komon kobako is cloisonne ware produced by Ando Cloisonne during the Taisho Era. Kirin running through the ultramarine heavens is described using wired cloisonne.
The vast ocean of clouds is expressed with light colors, and divided into left and right with the soaring Kirin. Lightning marks (raimon) indicating lucky omens (kissho mon-yo) are arranged on the edges of the cover; and maples, Chinese bellflowers and wisteria are on the side. Brocade (nishiki) of yotsubishi komon is stretched inside with silver rims.
 ・Kirin : Giraffe ・Komon : fine pattern ・Kobako : a small box

With wired cloisonne, silver wires are attached to the metal base and glazed glass is impressed inside. Similar to swords, wired cloisonne is highly valued in the world as unique Japanese handicrafts. Ando Cloisonne has received many prizes within and outside of Japan including the Expo since its incorporation in 1880, and is successfully using the outstanding techniques of today.

Kirin running through the heavens looks humorous and happy. When it flies through the vast ocean of clouds, it will certainly pour good luck on the earth. This is an excellent work of cloisonne kobako filled with lucky symbol.

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A Box of Cloisonne
Tasiho Period, 20th century
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