Higo Koshirae

Higo Koshirae

total length 121cm / 2shaku 4sun
tsuka Chairo kawa tsumami maki
tsuba Shakudo Karakusa-monyo sayu oosukashi
fuchi Shakudo nanakoji kin-iroe Aoi
kashira Shakudo nanakoji kin-iroe Budo
menuki Shakudo Aoi-monyo
saya Ai-zame

Tadaoki Hosokawa (Sansai, after becoming a Buddhist priest) was a warrior who gained a solid status as a major Daimyo in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, at the beginning of the Edo period. He is also well known as one of the most educated, and possessors of a profound knowledge in Waka, Noh and paintings in his era. It is Higo koshirae that Sansai Hosokawa had created with the tea master Sen no Rikyu. As this Higo koshirae skillfully expresses the sense of Wabi Sabi, many warriors favored the style. In the mid-Edo period and after, Higo koshirae with fancy fittings, called Edo-Higo koshirae, became popular in the prosperous Edo, and eventually reached the entire country.

This is one of the highest quality Edo-Higo koshirae that brings you back the gaiety of Edo. It is slightly longer than standard, yet the saya and tsuka are well balanced, and beautifully formulated in one natural arc. Its fittings are all antique made of bronze; especially its tsuba is extremely well crafted with mokko-shaped bronze, jigane, arabesque patterns, and gold-covered ring inside the mimi. The saya is shaved from Aizame, which gives the saya itself a rare value, since capturing Aizame is extremely difficult these days. The tsukaito is made of deer hide carefully tanned and wrapped in a tsumami maki style. It does show neither stain nor damage. The koshirae itself was made in recent years, but follows the sword rules and crafted with professional care. The combination of the fittings is also well matched. It can be said that this koshirae was made with plenty of money, time and labor. This sword will create a profound and yet luxurious atmosphere when set on a sword hanger. This is the gem of Edo-Higo koshirae that recreates the Edo culture.


These days this Higo Tsuba
was made

End of Edo period

These days this Higo koshirae
was made









The Congress of Vienna reshapes the map of Europe
after the defeat of Napoleon

Wave of revolutions in Europe

Napoleon III, Emperor of the French

Florence Nightingale founds school for nurses

The Beatles have disbanded

fuchi oyatsubu kashira menuki tsuba kojiri bruise tsuba_seppa

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Edo-Higo Koshirae
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